Beauty and Skincare Trends for 2021

We’re finally saying goodbye to 2020, the year that, if only possible, we could all forget. It’s worth noting still, the defining beauty moments we’ve had all year—from embracing makeup-free skin to dealing with maskne (with the right products!). With all the time we had in quarantine, it’s impossible to not have picked up a new hobby or two, from cutting our own hair to learning how to do an effortless 5-minute makeup look for Zoom meetings. 

With the beginning of a new year, we can’t help but carry lessons from the year that was. Here are some of the top skincare and makeup trends we’re eyeing for 2021. 


2020 has made us all homebodies, and our skin is better for it. With a renewed approach to beauty—simplified and uncomplicated—we’re highlighting skincare and the hero products and ingredients in our individual routines. Slow beauty is having a moment, too, as we continue to embrace our imperfections—skin texture, visible freckles—that make us genuinely ourselves.    


Bold Colored Eyeshadows

With the constraints that putting a mask on (an absolute essential) has added, it surely gives us endless opportunities to go all out on eye makeup! We’re traveling back in time and channelling the ‘80s with bold colored eye looks, even if it’s just for a quick Zoom call. Ditch the nudes, and try a monotonous look with a primary color—maybe even top it off with glitter!

Skin-like Makeup
We’re still setting aside full-coverage foundation (which can be cause for acne, btw) and opting for skin-like makeup. We’re head over heels for cream-based products like concealers, balms, and tinted moisturizers to perfect the look of skin without irritating it. 
Clean & Transparent Skincare

With Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and many other platforms to educate users, beauty consumers are taking it upon themselves to do their own research about what exactly goes in their bodies. The beauty industry is pursuing transparency and sustainability, whether in ingredients, packaging, or formulation.

Scientific Scalp Care

We’re giving as much care to our skin as we do our hair. The skin-ification of haircare is gaining more popularity as the inside out approach to good hair is becoming a focus. There even seems to be an overlap between our skin and scalp, whether this is through hair health supplements or other trends like scalp-tox and hair loss injections. 


Plant-based Skincare

With consumers becoming more eco-conscious and prioritizing sustainability, the thrust on plant-based skincare is gaining traction. 2021 is the year for ingredients like bakuchiol, gotu kola, ginger, and witch hazel to, ultimately, make your routine more green.

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