Beauty and Wellness Resolutions for 2021

We did it! It’s officially 2021, and we’re ringing in the new year with practical beauty and wellness resolutions to encourage you to embrace self-care. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate 10-step routine or a daily visit to the gym to make space for good practices for a holistic well-being. We’re taking it step by step! It’s the simple things that end up making a big difference, after all. 


1. Stay hydrated.  

Drink up! Increasing your water intake—at least 8 glasses of water a day, of course—is a must for overall good health. It doesn’t hurt that drinking water improves complexion; it helps skin retain moisture, increasing its elasticity. If dehydrated, skin becomes more prone to aging and dryness. 

 Beauty and Wellness Resolutions for 2021


2. Double cleanse. 

We admit that it may be a bit time-consuming, but removing your makeup after a long day does wonders for your skin. Double cleansing—using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser—breaks down makeup, removes dirt and leftover debris to give your skin a thorough cleanse. It revitalizes your skin and helps the products that follow to penetrate more effectively.

Beauty and Wellness Resolutions for 2021 


3. Don’t forget the SPF!

PSA: Yes, you need to wear sunscreen even if you’re holed up at home. Wearing SPF religiously helps protect the skin from intense UV rays, delays skin aging, and even decreases the appearance of pigmentation. Make it a non-negotiable in your morning routine!  

Beauty and Wellness Resolutions for 2021 


4. Fix your sleep schedule.  

It can get tempting to spend hours glued to the television while you binge-watch another episode of your current favorite K-Drama, but we’re not getting any younger. A recommended 8 hours of sleep boosts your immune system, strengthens your heart, and improves your productivity. 

Beauty and Wellness Resolutions for 2021 


5. Do a digital detox every now and then. 

Screen time has definitely skyrocketed in lockdown for obvious reasons. But, too much time on social media is detrimental to your mental health; it also takes away time for you to be productive. Give yourself a time limit to your scrolling, or even do a digital detox every now and then. Thank us later!

Beauty and Wellness Resolutions for 2021 


6. Embrace your skincare journey. 

We saved the best for last! Take your time, and embrace your skincare journey. It may take a while to get the results you want, but with much time and patience, it’s worth it in the end. And always remember, our goal is good skin, not perfection. It’s time to embrace your flaws, because it’s beautifully natural. You glow, girl!

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