Essential Tips to Prevent Acne

Everybody gets the occasional acne, whether it’s caused by hormones, inevitable changes in your body, or even the wearing of a mask. Fortunately, there are some things we have control of, like taking note of habits that combat acne. 

Double cleanse. 

Breakout season befalls even the mightiest among us. There are a number of reasons why acne persists, including an improper cleanse! 

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Need an anti-acne and anti-aging step that only takes a few minutes of your time? Yes, please! You may have heard about the essential double cleanse, which is done as the first step of your nightly skincare routine. First, use an oil-based cleanser (like a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm) followed by a water-based cleanser (a gel or a cream cleanser). This two-step process breaks down makeup, removes dirt and other surface impurities, and purifies skin to give it a thorough cleanse. 

Now, we do admit that it may be a bit time-consuming, but removing your makeup and sunscreen after a long day does wonders for your skin. 

Don’t pop your pimples! 

Pimple-popping may be a guilty pleasure for many, but doing it yourselfwithout a professional’s helpcan simply backfire. It can worsen the state of your skin and even lead to hyperpigmented acne scars or worse, an infection that can take a long time to remedy. If you don’t want to spread the bacteria, which will highly result in an acne flare-up, just use a trusty acne patch!  

Look for non-comedogenic products.

When shopping for products, look for the “non-comedogenic” label, which simply means a product is not formulated with ingredients that may clog skin or block pores and, ultimately, cause a bout of acne. Non-comedogenic products, in turn, help treat and protect blemish-prone skin susceptible to acne.

Keep your hands off your face!

This may be the most simple tip available, but one that we might keep forgetting to follow. Avoid touching your face, especially since you end up touching many foreign things in a day—your keyboard, the door handle, even trash. You can possibly spread bacteria or even irritate already inflamed skin.   

Limit your time under the sun. 

Did you know that the sun’s ultraviolet rays not only accelerate aging but it also increases inflammation and sensitization of skin? Some acne medication also makes skin more sensitive to sunlight, which can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

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Whether you’re currently suffering from acne or not, always remember to wear sunscreen, whether you’re staying indoors or outdoors! 


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