Korean Beauty Tips for Lockdown

As stricter lockdown measures have been set, we’re thrust into yet another period of uncertainty. This, we know for sure, our health and wellness should be our top priorities! We need to recognize that tangible steps towards self-care, no matter how small, make a big difference!

If you haven’t listed down your beauty and wellness resolutions for 2021, why not add these easy and practical tips in your daily, even weekly routine? 


1. Do a facial massage

Did you know that there are plenty of benefits of a facial massage, especially when you combine it with the right products? Whether you’re using a store-bought facial roller or a gua sha tool, maybe even your hands, it helps promote healthier skin and relax your facial muscles. It improves the overall appearance of skin giving you that natural glow, and it even relieves congestion! 

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Korean Beauty Tips for Lockdown


2. Stay hydrated!

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but staying hydrated is essential to your overall health! It’s the cheapest way to get good skin, tbh. It increases elasticity in skin, prevents breakouts, and even gives you that much coveted glow. 

Drinking tea is also a good substitute for water, as it prevents premature aging, moisturizes skin, and helps skin look youthful. Green tea, in particular, is so rich with antioxidants and reduces skin damage brought by too much exposure to sun. You can also find the same benefits in a good sheet mask like Innisfree’s My Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea! Ginseng tea, on the other hand, reduces inflammation on skin and even boosts the immune system. Why not complement your cup of team with Innisfree’s My Real Squeeze in Ginseng


Korean Beauty Tips for Lockdown


3. Exercise your face and body muscles. 

You don’t need to go to the gym on the daily to work out, especially in quarantine. Downloading an app or watching a quick online workout video can already do wonders for you. After a long, grueling day booked with meetings, a quick workout can do so much for your mental health and wellness! Working towards improving your blood circulation helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to skin promoting collagen production and anti-aging properties. 


Korean Beauty Tips for Lockdown


4. Have a self-care ritual

Having a tried and tested self-care ritual is not selfish! Personalize it to your own liking, whether this be putting on a sheet mask while watching a brand new Korean Drama on Netflix or actually getting 8 hours of sleep, maybe even learning a new hobby while you’re at it! Taking the time to be intentional with caring for yourself is a step in the right direction. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Korean Beauty Tips for Lockdown


5. Eat well

Last but not the least, eat well! This may already be apparent but there’s no use in working out on the daily if you don’t even eat well. A well-balanced diet is a must! Why not try a few healthy Korean dishes like kimchi, kimbap, and even bulgogi? Add probiotics, too, for your digestive system! These “healthy bacteria” can even help treat skin conditions like eczema and acne! Lessen your intake of sugar, and maybe just have the occasional soda now and then.


Korean Beauty Tips for Lockdown


Now January may already be done, but there’s always room for a fresh start! Make the most out of lockdown, and let these Korean beauty tips inspire you to make self-care a priority for the new year! 

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